5CH HD Vehicle Truck Rearview Backup MDVR Camera DVR System Kit

DMS Driver fatigue Status Sensor system for fleet management system 
Can help monitor and alert driver when drowsiness or distraction is detected, which aims to add driving safety. Working with our MDVR Systems will get better effects for effective fleet management!

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· Driver behavior detection: fatigue detection, distraction detection, phone detection, smoking detection, no driver detection;
· Driver identification;
· Seamless integration with MDVR, realtime alarm and video uploading for abnormal driving behavior
· With built-in high definition alarm recording (1920 x 1080 resolution, 20 seconds synchronous recording when alarm triggered)
· With built-in GPS module, recording actual speed and location
· With built-in WIFI module, the device can be easily calibrated and configured via Android APP by connecting the device WIFI
· With built-in infrared light, driver status can be effectively detected with low light condition. The driver could be wearing sunglasses and detected too
· With built-in 2W loudspeaker, good alarm sound effect

The DMS Driver Fatigue Status Sensor System is a cutting-edge technology that has been developed to enhance the safety of drivers and vehicles in fleet management systems. This system is designed to monitor the driver's behavior and alert them when they become drowsy or distracted while driving. This helps to reduce the risk of accidents and promotes road safety. The DMS Driver Fatigue Status Sensor System works by analyzing the driver's behavior through the use of various sensors such as facial recognition and eye tracking. This system can detect when the driver is becoming drowsy or distracted and will alert them accordingly. The alert can be in the form of a sound or vibration to get the driver's attention and prevent them from falling asleep or losing focus. When combined with our MDVR Systems, the DMS Driver Fatigue Status Sensor System can provide even better results for fleet management. The MDVR system is a powerful tool that allows fleet managers to monitor their vehicles and drivers remotely. They can view real-time footage of the driver's behavior and make informed decisions based on the data collected. This ensures that the fleet is running efficiently and safely at all times. In conclusion, the DMS Driver Fatigue Status Sensor System is an essential tool for fleet management. It provides an extra layer of safety for drivers and helps to prevent accidents on the road. When used in conjunction with our MDVR Systems, fleet managers can have complete control over their fleet and ensure that their drivers are always safe and alert while on the road.

pupil detection

image capture

universal vehicle

face recognition

voice alert


close eyes warning

driving smoking warning

driver yawn warning

driver calling warning

sight deviation warning

careless driving warning

Product Details

Front/Side/Reverse/View Monitoring

4CH Blind Spot Camera Real Time Recording

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Product Name

5CH Car Driver Status Recorder 12V HD Vehicle Truck Rearview Backup MDVR Camera DVR System Kit

Main processor


Operating system

Embedded Linux OS

Video standard


Video compression



7inch VGA Monitor





Video Input

HDMI/VGA/AV1/AV2 inputs

AHD Camera

AHD 720P

IR Night Vision



IP67 waterproof

Operating Temperature

-30°C to +70°C

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