Wireless Collision Avoidance Driver Aid Forklift Camera System

The forklift camera system is designed to assist forklift drivers in their daily operations, enhancing safety and providing a broader range of vision when maneuvering and storing loads.

● 7inch wireless monitor, 1*128GB SD card storage
● Wireless forklift camera, designed specifically for forklifts
● Magnetic base for quick installation
● Automatic pairing with no interference
● 9600mAh Rechargeable battery
● 200m (656ft) transmission distance

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Forklift Safety Hazard

Due to the large blind spots around a forklift, operating it requires the operator to be aware of their surroundings at all times. This is because a forklift can easily cause pedestrian/cargo collisions, serious injury or even death if not operated properly. Operators should be aware of what is happening around them, which can be challenging while driving a forklift.

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The wireless forklift camera, purpose-built for forklifts, is easily installed on the fork and effectively eliminates the blind spot created by obstructive cargo on the forklift arm. This innovative solution enables operators to work with enhanced safety and visibility.

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IP69K Waterproof

IP69K waterproof level, durable, suitable for complex working conditions, such as mines, workshops, warehouses, ports, airports, cargo sites, and etc.

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Transmission Distance

Convenient and stable 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission, the distance can reach 200m

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