ECE R46 12.3 inch 1080P Bus Truck E-Side Mirror Camera

Model: TF1233, MSV18

The 12.3inch E-side mirror camera system, intended to replace the physical rearview mirror, captures road conditions images throung dual lens cameras mounted on the left and right side of the vehicle, and then transmits to the 12.3-inch screen fixed to the A-pillar within the vehicle.
The system offers drivers an optimal Class II and Class IV view, compared to standard exterior mirrors, which can greatly increase their visibility and decrease the risk of getting into an accident. Moreover, the system provides a high definition, clear and balanced visual representation, even in challenging scenarios such as heavy rain, fog, snow, poor or variable lighting conditions, helping drivers see their surroundings clearly at all times while driving.

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● WDR for capturing clear and balanced images/videos

● Class II and Class IV view to increase driver visibility

● Hydrophilic coating to repel water droplets

● Glare reduction to lower eye strain

● Automatic heating system to prevent icing (for option)

● BSD system for other road users detection (for option)

Driving Safety Problems Caused by Traditional Rearview Mirror

Traditional rearview mirrors have been in use for many years, but they are not without their limitations, which can contribute to driving safety problems. Some of the issues caused by traditional rearview mirrors include:

Glare and Bright Lights: The reflection of headlights from vehicles behind you can cause glare and discomfort, making it difficult to see the road or other vehicles clearly. This can be especially problematic at night or in adverse weather conditions.

Blind Spots: Traditional rearview mirrors have fixed angles and may not provide a complete view of the area behind and to the sides of the vehicle. This can lead to blind spots, where other vehicles or objects are not visible in the mirror, increasing the risk of collisions when changing lanes or merging onto highways.

Weather-Related Issues: Rain, snow, or condensation can accumulate on the mirror's surface, reducing its effectiveness and further limiting visibility.


Traditional Rearview Mirrors Replacement

MCY 12.3inch E-Side Mirror System is designed for replacing traditional rearview mirror. It can reach Class II and Class IV view which can greatly increase driver visibility and decrease the risk of getting into an accident.


Hydrophilic Coating

With a hydrophilic coating, water droplets can disperse rapidly without forming condensation, ensuring the maintenance of a high-definition, clear image, even under challenging conditions like heavy rain, fog, or snow.


Intelligent Heating System

When the system detects a temperature below 5°C, it will activate the heating function automatically, ensuring a clear and unobstructed view in cold and snowy weather conditions.


Connection Diagram


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