A-pillar Left Turning Assistant Camera

Model: TF711, MSV2

The 7inch A-pillar camera monitor system comprises a 7inch digital monitor and an exterior side-mounted AI deep learning algorithms camera, offering visual and audible alerts to notify the driver upon detecting a pedestrian or cyclist beyond the A-pillar blind area.
● A-pillar blind spot human detection for left/right turning
● AI Human detection deep learning algorithms built into the camera
● Visual & Audible alarm output to alert driver
● Support video & audio loop recording, video playback

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TF711 MSV2_01

A-pillar Blind Spot Cover for Collision Avoidance

TF711 MSV2_02

A-pillar Blind Spot Detection Scope Camera View

TF711 MSV2_04

1)A-pillar Blind Area Range: 5m (Red Danger Area), 5-10m (Yellow Warning Area)

2)If AI camera detects pedestrian/cyclists appearing in the A-pillar blind area, audible alarm will be output "notbe output "note the blind area on the left A-pillar" or "note the blind area on the right A-pillar" and highlight the blind area in red and yellow.

3)When AI camera detects pedestrian/cyclists appearing outside the A-pillar blind area but in the detection range, no audible alarm output, only highlight pedestrian/cyclists with box.

Function Description

TF711 MSV2_05

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TF711 MSV2_06

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