360 Degree 3D Bird View Car Camera

Model: M360-13AM-C4

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The 360 degree car camera system with four ultra-wide-angle fish-eye cameras installs at the front, left/right and rear of the vehicle. These cameras simultaneously capture images from all around the vehicle. Using image synthesis, distortion correction, original image overlay, and merging techniques, a seamless 360 degree view of the vehicle’s surroundings is created. This panoramic view is then transmitted in real-time to the central display screen, providing the driver with a comprehensive view of the area around the vehicle.

● 4 high resolution 180-degree fish-eye cameras
● Exclusive fish-eye distortion correction
● Seamless 3D & 360 degree video merging
● Dynamic & intelligent view angle switching
● Flexible omni-directional monitoring
● 360 degree blind spots coverage
● Guided camera calibration
● Driving video recording
● G-sensor triggered recording

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