1080P 2 Channel Dual Lens Truck Dash Cam DVR

Model: DC-02-A2

The 4-channel dash camera can record 1080P full HD videos of the road ahead with a 136° viewing angle and provide a complete view of the vehicle’s interior. It also supports connection to two additional 1080P cameras, making it suitable for professional fleet management as a mini DVR.

● Built in 4G/WIFI/GPS
● Wide angle view to cover full in front of the vehicle and and a complete view of the vehicle’s interior
● High performance H.264 video encoding
● Support 2*SD card storage (max. 256GB)
● Support Windows/iOS/ Android CMS platform

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Professional Fleet Management

The dash camera offers 4G real-time remote monitoring, GPS positioning, blind spot detection, and uploads alarm information to the remote fleet management platform.


Dual Lens 2 Channel Recording

The dual-lens camera supports 2 channel 1080p video recording. With a wide 136-degree viewing angle, the front-facing camera records the vehicle's front without blind spots, while the interior lens captures a comprehensive view of the vehicle's interior.


Loop Recording

The dash camera supports loop recording, continuously recording video footage onto an SD card. It automatically overwrites the oldest recordings with the newest when storage capacity is reached, ensuring uninterrupted recording without the need for manual deletion. Additionally, the dash camera will protect footage from being overwritten during loop recording when it detects emergency braking or collisions.


Advanced 4 Channel Dash Camera

The dash camera is equipped with a built-in 1ch front view camera and a 1ch driver-facing camera. It also supports connecting up to two additional 1080P HD cameras, ensuring a full video recording coverage of the road ahead, vehicle interior, and side blind spots.


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