MCY12.3INCH Rearview Mirror Monitor System!



Are you tired of dealing with large blind spots while driving your bus, coach, rigid truck, tipper, or fire truck? Say goodbye to the hazards of limited visibility with our cutting-edge MCY12.3INCH Rearview Mirror Monitor System!

Here’s how it generally works:

1、Mirror Design: The device is designed to replace the existing side mirror on a vehicle. It typically features a 12.3-inch digital display that acts as the mirror surface.

2、Camera System: The device integrates a camera or multiple cameras within the mirror housing. These cameras capture live video feeds of the surrounding areas on both sides of the vehicle.

3、Display: The captured video feeds are displayed in real-time on the 12.3-inch digital screen, replacing the traditional reflective mirror surface. This allows the driver to have a clear view of the blind spots and side areas.

4、Blind Spot Monitoring: The camera system is usually equipped with wide-angle lenses to provide a broader field of view. It helps drivers detect objects, pedestrians, or other vehicles that may be in their blind spots.

The benefits of using a replaceable digital electronic side view mirror camera system include:

Improved Visibility: The camera system provides a wider and clearer view of the blind spots and side areas, enhancing overall visibility and reducing the risk of accidents.

Safety Enhancement: With better visibility, drivers can make safer lane changes, turns, and maneuvers, as they have a more accurate understanding of their surroundings.

Easy Installation: These devices are designed to be easily replaceable, fitting into the existing mirror housing. However, installation requirements may vary depending on the specific model and vehicle type.

By installing a dual-lens camera on both sides of your vehicle, the MCY system captures crystal-clear images of the road conditions in your front and rear blind areas. Now, imagine having those images displayed right before your eyes on the 12.3-inch screen fixed on the Apillar inside your vehicle. With this innovative system, you’ll experience a whole new level of awareness and control on the road.

WDR for capturing clear and balanced images/videos

Wide angle view to increase driver visibility

Hydrophobic coating to repel water droplets

Glare reduction to lower eye strain Automatic heating system to prevent icing (for optional)

Al BSD system for road users detection (for optional)

Support SD card storage (max. 256GB)


Post time: Jul-12-2023