A Driver Fatigue Monitoring System is essential for your fleet


Reduce the chance of incidents occurring due to distracted driver behaviours in your commercial fleet.

Driver fatigue was a factor in 25 road deaths in New Zealand in 2020, and 113 serious injuries. Poor driving behaviour such as fatigue, distractions and inattention directly affect a drivers ability to make decisions and react to changing road conditions.

These driving behaviours and consequential incidences can happen to anyone with any level of driving experience and skill. A driver fatigue management solution allows you to proactively mitigate the risk to both the general public and your staff.

Our system allows you to continuously monitor the driving behaviour of your staff unobtrusively at all times that the vehicle is in operation. Programmable alert levels and push notifications initially warn the driver and allow them to take corrective action.


Post time: May-16-2023