AI Turning Assist System


Buses have extremely large blind spots due to their inherent design, especially the A-pillar blind spot, which can block a driver’s view of a pedestrian, a cyclist when turning. It can be particularly challenging for drivers and may cause pedestrian crashes.

MCY 7inch A-pillar BSD camera system including a 7inch digital monitor and an exterior side mounted AI deep learning algorithms camera, providing visual and audible alarm to alert driver when detecting a pedestrian or cyclist beyond A-pillar blind area. It can support video & audio loop recording, video can be playback in the event that an accident occurs.

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• 7inch LCD HD display
• 400cd/m²brightness
• 1024*600 high resolution
• SD card storage,max.256GB



• AHD 720P camera
• IR night vision
• IP67 waterproof
• 80 degree view angle