MCY Successfully Completed The IATF16949 Annual Review

The IATF 16949 quality management system standard is extremely important for the automotive industry.

It ensures a high level of quality: The IATF 16949 standard requires automotive suppliers to implement a quality management system that meets the highest standards of quality. This ensures that automotive products and services are of a consistently high quality, which is essential for the safety and satisfaction of customers.

It promotes continuous improvement: The IATF 16949 standard requires suppliers to continually improve their quality management systems and processes. This helps to ensure that suppliers are always striving to improve their products and services, which can lead to greater efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

It promotes consistency across the supply chain: The IATF 16949 standard is designed to promote consistency and standardization across the entire automotive supply chain. This helps to ensure that all suppliers are working to the same high standards, which can help to reduce the risk of defects, recalls, and other quality issues.

It helps to reduce costs: By implementing a high-quality management system that meets the IATF 16949 standard, suppliers can reduce the risk of defects and quality issues. This can lead to fewer recalls, warranty claims, and other quality-related costs, which can help to improve the bottom line for both suppliers and automotive manufacturers.


MCY welcomed the annual review of the IATF16949 automotive industry quality management system standards. The SGS auditor conducts a sample review of the customer feedback processing, design and development, change control, procurement and supplier management, product production, equipment/tooling management, human resource management and other aspects of document materials.

Understand the problems and carefully listen to and document the auditor’s recommendations for improvement.

On December 10, 2018, our company held an audit and summary meeting, requiring all departments to complete the rectification of non-conformities in strict accordance with the auditing standards, requiring the responsible persons of all departments to seriously study the IATF16949 automotive industry quality management system standards, and train the staff of the department to ensure IATF16949 is effective and functioning, and is suitable for the company’s management and execution needs.

Since the establishment of MCY, We has passed IATF16949/CE/FCC/RoHS/Emark/IP67/IP68/IP69K/CE-RED/R118/3C, and always adheres to strict quality testing standards and perfect testing system to ensure product quality. Stability and consistency, better adapt to the fierce market competition, meet customer needs, exceed customer expectations, and win customer trust.

Post time: Feb-18-2023